How online betting works: the complete guide

The online betting landscape is certainly gaining the trust of even traditional bettors, that is, those who go to an agency to play their bet slip. 711Kelab online gambling Having the opportunity to open an online betting account offers several advantages especially in terms of immediacy and transparency of the bet. But how does online betting work? Below is a offer of a comprehensive answer to this question, explaining in detail all the features of online betting, starting with the steps to follow to know how to open an online betting account.

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Supersets, the largest odds comparator, is also ready to indicate betting sites around, listing for each of them the procedure for opening an account and betting online. Before going into detail, it is recommended taking advantage of the best welcome offers currently active in Italy. It should be remembered that each betting bonus is subject to the Terms and Conditions shown on the promotional page and that the game is prohibited to minors.

Ways of opening an online sports betting account

What are the requirements to open an online betting account?  Registering with a bookmaker is a very simple operation. In fact, in order to open a betting account it is necessary:

Be at least 18 years of age.

Be in possession of a double-sided photo, with clearly visible edges, of an identification document including an identity card, passport or driving license.

Be in possession of your tax code.

What to do to open an online betting account. You need to put a precise bookmaker and then click over the Register, typically placed at the proper of the homepage. Once this is done, you will have to fill in the form in which the bookmaker will request your personal data. At this stage, generally, it is required to send a copy of the identity document, procedure to be completed within 30 days in order to withdraw any winnings and avoid the closure of the account. Once this process is completed, the game account will be officially active and accessible whenever you want, by entering the username and password decided during registration. It is advisable to create a strong password to minimize the risk of unwanted access.Image result for online betting

How to bet online: can you play without a registered gaming account?

Let’s start immediately with a question that many sports betting enthusiasts ask themselves: can you place a bet online without having a gaming account? The answer is no. All bookmakers allow you to browse their site even without logging in but, of course, bets can only be reported if you have a gaming account.

But how does online betting work? Very simple: you have to choose a sporting event in the menu which (usually) is placed on the left of the homepage of each operator. At that point the event is selected (for example, a football match of a certain league). For that single event you will find numerous markets to choose from. Once the market and share have been selected, the coupon will be created on the right of the screen. At that point you have to choose the amount to play, click on the “Bet” button on the coupon and wait for the bookmaker to accept the ticket.

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